About Us

Our group is now a well established and still growing Society of Reptile keepers and breeders, we are made up of a wide cross-section of ages and family groups which helps to give our gatherings a very friendly atmosphere, and we cater to all herpers from beginners to keepers with years of experience.

If you have an interest in snakes, dragons, monitors, skinks, geckos, turtles or frogs then you will find people in our group to exchange information and ideas with, and make some new friends too!
We meet on the first Monday of every month, except January, April (Reptile Show) and October, at the Fairy Meadow Community Hall on the corner of Cambridge Ave and the Princes Highway Fairy Meadow, opposite the Woolworths Supermarket, approx one hour south of Sydney. Meetings start at 7.00 pm and run for approx 2 hours.

At most meetings there are presentations or a guest speaker.Past speakers have included leading Herp Vets, National Parks & Wildlife Licencing officers, well known Reptile and Turtle experts and a number of vastly experienced Herp keepers and breeders.