Who Are We?

The Illawarra Reptile Society is a well established & ever growing community
of reptile keepers, breeders & enthusiasts… just like you! 

What We're About?

We are dedicated to the promotion & education of safe, responsible practices within the reptile & herpetological communities by promoting future generations to get involved and providing a well connected community environment for fellow herpers to interact, ask & learn about the industry. 

Our Community

Come join our ever-growing community of reptile and amphibian lovers! 

Our community os made up of members from all walks of life. From hobbyists and enthusiasts, to professional breeders and industry experts. We are a fun and supportive community who are always happy to give advice to new members and love getting the younger generations excited about the industry.

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IRS members are part of a friendly community of herpers, of all ages & experience levels, dedicated to educating & upholding industry standards for future generations.

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